CCSU Volleyball Set to Participate in Dig Pink Event

CCSU Volleyball Set to Participate in Dig Pink Event

The Central Connecticut volleyball team, in conjunction with Quinnipiac Volleyball, will be participating in the Dig Pink event on Friday, October 24. Dig Pink is the Breast Cancer awareness rally being held all of October 2008 to raise money for breast cancer research. During their 7:00 p.m. match, Quinnipiac will be collecting donations and giving away prizes to raise money during this National Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Hundreds and potentially thousands of high school and college volleyball matches will be held in order to educate and raise funds to eradicate this terrible disease. Proceeds will be distributed among research teams focused on target therapies and molecular profiling, as well as "living with cancer" organizations nationwide.

A website has bee set up as a way to collect donations from those who cannot attend the event on October 24. Any donations you are willing to make would be a huge help. You are able to donate online with a credit card at the event site, found here: Side-out Volleyball. Dig Pink t-shirts and other merchandise are also being sold at this website: Dig Pink Apparel.

Come join the effort and watch Central Connecticut Volleyball take on Quinnipiac in this Northeast Conference match on Friday October 24 at 7:00 p.m. on Burt Kahn Court.